Social Darwinism And Racial Inferiority Essay

Social Darwinism And Racial Inferiority Essay

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The Academic anthropology in the US rose together along with American imperialism, before the 1880s anthropology was basically called ethnology back then. Samuel Morton, Josiah Nott and Louis Agassiz helped to create the first school of anthropology in the nineteenth century, which was considered to be a big deal because not everyone was able to do this. In the nineteenth century colleges and organizations and journals , were established for anthropology. Universities and Smithsonian institution gave anthropology academic credentials as discipline in the US. the AAAS stands for American association for advancement science. Tenets of social Darwinism started to take over to become important and occur for themes of legal scientific, and business communities. Advocates of social Darwinism said that it was wrong for the government and charities to provide public education public health and minimum wage. In the 18901s social Darwinism and racial inferiority were used to unify the nation. Herbert Spencer was the one who finished the 2 famous phrases “ survival of the fittest” and the “struggle for existence”. Spencer had many beliefs, for example “different scientific fields only explored certain facets of the evolution process”. Spencer identified the orders of race by language religion and continent and was shown to be important because were seen as one and the same. In 1896 the disciple of anthropology was being taken out of sciences and studies. The most brilliant scholars were called ethnologists. Briton had a lot to do with the field of anthropology. Briton was president of the AAAS and was also a vice president, he was also president of the international congress of americanists, it was said that he changed anthropologist from a ...

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...r. Spencer, Mr. Brinton, Mr. Powell, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Shaler, and Mr. Putnam, has dedicated their lives to pave a way and let anthropology be noticed throughout the US which is one of the reasons why it 's still here and active to begin with. Years and years of research was done on race as well “Negroes” and “Native Americans” which was able to change people 's thoughts and opinion on race just like what Mr. Putnam was able to do in museums. Knowing that these men made it their goal to get anthropology out into the world and let it be known took great determination and deserves tremendous respect. Many can say because of anthropology race in society is aren 't treated differently but the same. Others may even say opposite, but what some people are forgetting is that research has been done not just by the men of the past who paved a way for us but anthropologist now.

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