Essay The Social, Cultural And Economic Change

Essay The Social, Cultural And Economic Change

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Alexis de Tocqueville sees the social, cultural and economic change that is happening in America before anyone else. He comes from France to look at American prisons. But yet he wants to look at the country as a whole. He wants to see everything. He arrives is Ohio. He spends the night at a hotel. When he wakes up in the morning, to loud noises, he thinks it 's so big commotion about politics. In France thats what would have been going on that early in the morning. But in reality, it has nothing more than they are up going to work and about their day. In his journal, he notes that in America all honest callings are considered honorable. Meaning no work is beneath you, you are never to good for work. Because in France you work is done by you social standings. Where in America you do what ever work comes your way. No work is to good for you. The second note he makes is that all Americans follow industrial callings. In France is that you work for the government, or some public agency. In America, no body even thinks about working for the government. They look at government as an after thought. This is not like the France that he knows. It runs on different ideas but it works. Alexis de Tocqueville says they are adequate for the ordinary conduct of society dipole there petty passions and incomplete educations and vulgar manner. He comes to understand even if there are things that bother him about it, it works. Alexis de Tocqueville is the most important visitor America has ever had. He writes the Democracy of America. He writes two volumes. The first volume which was released in 1835, about how Americans live their lives, full of basic information. The second, published in 1840, is about democracy and the society that he saw in three ...

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...ederalist way is going away. Alexis de Tocqueville understands this and is important because he is the first one to really figure out what really happened and why coopers life changed the way it did. He doesn’t find what he finds in England in America. People did not have what they have from inheritance. They earned it, they were businessmen, who to show off what they have done, bought these big houses to show off their success. The english nobility is not a cast, and anyone can buy into it, you 're buying your way into society. Because he asks are you better off being judged by your family or are you better off were money is the primary standard that you run you life off of. Because money is neutral, its the better way to judge. Money doesn’t judge who you are. He understood the importance of what you do with you money. Society is fluid and you are never in the same

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