The Social Costs Came From A Movement Essay

The Social Costs Came From A Movement Essay

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Inequality, itself, may seem like an aspect that is surrounding the academic subject of history. An American economist, Paul Krugman, substantiates that inequality exists within our society through connections to several important historical movements. “One of the best arguments I’ve ever seen for the social costs came from a movement [...].” (Page 562) He implies how inferior inequality could be, and discusses why he along with a wide array of an American audience, may give some attention to its rising. Krugman makes “Confronting Inequality,” interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. This author approaches the audience by giving a powerful inception, and appealing to the senses of ethos and pathos.
We, as Americans, view inequality one way, while Krugman perceives it rhetorically. This rhetorical view represents his signal to us, stating the fact that our society changes continuously. “The America I grew up in was a [...] middle class society. Over the past generation, however, the country has returned to Gilded Age levels of inequality.”(page 561) In academical history, the Gilded Age represents a time period during which, social and economic transformations arose. Krugman is attempting to relate to the American audience through a thought that we, Americans are like one large society, where we are valuing aspects such as decorum and equality. Within the beginning his essay, Krugman is actually asking a rhetorical question, “must we focus on the gaining and rising of inequality?”. Remarkably, he provides a profound answer by constructing a strong argument regarding whether inequality will hurt or help our society.
The argument Krugman makes is well balanced. According to the fact that he is an economist, a large portion of “Co...

... middle of paper ...

... connect to Inequality in a variety of ways. According to the essay, the focus is centered on inequality consisting of many forms. First, he begins by asking us the rhetorical question of whether we, as Americans, should care about it. Afterwards, provides the audience with a lengthy discussion of how bad inequality is and how it should be corrected inside various aspects including, education, healthcare, and care of children. Several of the concepts within the essay strongly appeal to ethos and pathos. This shows us that Krugman made a strong argument, supporting it as he explains gently explains inequality, and how it exists in many forms, other than academic history. Personally, I did not find Krugman’s essay difficult. Instead, I viewed it as challenging, educational and fun to read. If I were asked to read it again for educational purposes, I definitely would.

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