The, Social Control And Youth Sucidality : Durkheim 's Ideas Essay

The, Social Control And Youth Sucidality : Durkheim 's Ideas Essay

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I was coming home from work, stepping inside I noticed everything was silent. I noticed my family downstairs solemly waiting for me. A strange feeling overcame, while my Dad told me to sit down. He gave each of us a stern look and somberly announced that my brother tried to get his rifle and commit sucide. Overcome by the news, I found myself speechless this similar situation has happened before. My brother is suffering from schizophrenia and has attempted many times to commit sucide. This mental illnesss is genetic in my family, it has not been easy to deal with. I chose this topic for reasons why one will commit sucide in his or her youth. I find if one has trouble with family, living in a poor neighborhood or inherits a genetic mental illness it can influence youth sucidality. In the article, “Social Control and Youth Sucidality: Situating Durkheim’s Ideas in a Multilevel Framework” the authors David Maimon and Danielle C. Kuhl wrote about how Emile Durkheims idea’s about suicide is connected with social intergation. The authors argue that individual factors may play in for youth sucide as well as the social intergation.

Sociology today focuses on sucicide as the leading cause of death in adolescents. Many teens are dealing with “mental and physical health problems” (Grisham, 2277). These teens do not have access to proper medications. A sucide attempt can “signal high levels of hopelessness”(2277). Adolescents often shield themselves away from family and friends. Individuals who attempt suicide may indicate psychological factors. According to David Maimon he acknowledges that Emile Durkheim soley focuses on theory and research on micro level social forces, social interrogation and moral regulation. He rejects the st...

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...d how individual factors can commit youth sucide. I believe depression can bring other sickness as well, the individual can neglect to take care of him or herself.
If these adolescents live in a area that is considered to be unsafe, then they will act deviantly. Like the Broken Window of Deviance theory, Phillip Zimbardo claimed that if a setting is uncared for it can bring a negative attention such as crime. Adolescents can witness violence in these uncared for neighborhoods they may regrettably inflect these violence on others or themselves. While living in a neighbord hood that holds a strong religious intergation it can reduce the number of youth sucide. I find this true, having a religious background often helps one gain protection from the thoughts of sucide. My brother’s didication to religion has taught him that theres more to life

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