Essay about Social Context and Tobacco use

Essay about Social Context and Tobacco use

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A person’s social context affects many aspects of their lives, including the usage and non-usage of tobacco (Poland et al, 2006). An individual’s social context includes the following: race, gender, resources, education, income, neighborhood, employment, occupation and many more aspects of their environment (Hints). Tobacco use and social context go hand and hand as one affects the other since there is high relevance between the two (Poland et al, 2006). In order to see the broader dilemma of tobacco use, society must incorporate and examine the larger picture of how an individual’s environment plays a major role in tobacco use (Poland et al, 2006). Uneven social and geographic distribution of resources in society contributes to tobacco use of those less economically stable (Poland et al, 2006). According to the article “Reducing Social Disparities in Tobacco Use,” smoking was most common on working class jobs such as the blue collar jobs compared to the white collar jobs (Glorian et al, 2003). Comparing the two variables, social context and tobacco use, it is easy to relate it with HINTS research methods. Using HINTS social context influence on health education brief; it is evident to see that a person’s social context can affect the health of individuals by the lack of health communication access, education and lack of resources (Hints, 2010). When a person lacks health resources due to their financial background that has been affected by their gender or race, it creates a trickle down system that continues a vicious cycle. Hints also discusses the structural influence model of communication inequality and how due to a person’s social determinant. Social demographics leads to health communication outcomes that for a person of ...

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... as it can help society by pin pointing some of the reasons for tobacco use that ultimately leads up to health problems.

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