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Social Constructionism: It’s EVERYWHERE!

Diverse studies indicate that newborn female infanticide rates in the Inuit population can range anywhere from 15% to 80% (Schrire 162). They kill their babies. Specifically, they will dispose of infant girls or sick and weakly infants. While this practice might go against every moral belief you have, it is widely accepted amongst Inuit society as a normal practice. Mind you, the Inuit do not commit infanticide because they enjoy it. They view it as a last resort and will often try to get the infants adopted. But how can something be viewed as “right” in one society be completely “wrong” in another? The idea of right and wrong is socially constructed, that’s how. Social constructionism is the theory that our ideas and beliefs are formed by the way we think and communicate with other human beings.
How we communicate about something affects the ideas we have, and our ideas ultimately affect the thing itself. In other words, our ideas about things are always changing and our ideas are changing things. The Inuit are more accepting of infanticide because their society views it as a necessity. When food is in short supply, you need to bring people into the society who can produce more food. The male is viewed as being capable of producing more food, an idea that is also socially constructed, and is therefore a priority. If an infant looks weak, they assume it will not be able to hunt or produce food and is not worthy of being brought into society. The Inuit believe that if a society is not capable of supporting a life, then that life should not be brought into that society. Since food is not in short supply in our society (as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite), our idea about infantic...

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...y strong cultural and economic influence on the world.
While Tokyo was already Japan’s cultural and political center, it did not become an official imperial capital until the year 1869. Before then, Tokyo was known as Edo and was home to shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. After the shogunate was overthrown in the name of restoring imperial rule, 17-year-old Emperor Meiji moved to Edo and the city of Tokyo was born. In 1943, the city of Tokyo merged with the Metropolitan Prefecture of Tokyo forming the metropolitan area that would eventually have the highest population of any similar area. The design of Tokyo is focused around subways and commuter rails.

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into the Practice of Female Infanticide in the Arctic". Man: the Journal of the Royal
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