Social Construction Of Childhood And Youth Essay

Social Construction Of Childhood And Youth Essay

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In what ways can childhood and youth be understood as social constructions? Illustrate your answer with relevant examples.

The term social construction is the understandings childhoods are not the same everywhere and that while all societies acknowledge that children are different from adults, how they are different and what expectations are placed on them, change according to the society in which they live and what culture they are born in to. Every individual child goes through emotional changes that occur between birth and adolescence. A Childs development is impacted by the environment and nurture during this course. For example having both parents can add stability to the child’s life which encourages a healthy development. As opposed to being raised by one working parent who can’t provide the child with the same amount of time a two parent family can which some may argue impacts the child’s progression. Social construction of childhood and youth is how culture dictates the way people act and treat children and the way this impacts their adulthood. Ideas about children and childhood are also quite likely to differ between different segments within society, different professional groups and even between various government departments.
Childhoods often raise difficult questions and challenges. Yes we all like to think we know about childhood, whether we are parents of children or whether we remember our own childhood experiences. In this sense we all have our own idea of what the correct way to raise a child is. Childhood is a changing social aspect, of continual concern and obsession. There are a variety of childhoods that exist across the world and this challenges society against interfering in or c...

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...labour from a young age and act as an adult would. Over time, people’s views have drastically changed. I believe that children in today’s society are overprotected and are completely reliant on their parents. Adults face a lot of an opinionated crowd when they enter the world of parenthood and are expected to make no mistakes when raising their children. Social media emphasizes and exaggerates the extent of problems the world experiences when facing child safety and that sends society in to moral panic. Although people say there are no rule books to parenthood, I think that is debatable.

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mary jane kehily. (2013). influential historians of childhood . In: mary jane kehily understanding childhood . bristol: the policy press . 67-97

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