Essay about Social Construction Influences Society Through Social Cues From Birth

Essay about Social Construction Influences Society Through Social Cues From Birth

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In hopes of being able to easily view the public “doing gender” without being noticed, this research was mainly done at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC with the assumption that plenty of people would be present on a Friday evening. Also, this seemed to be a “prime time” to observe teenagers. These subjects were chosen to observe because adolescents give the impression that they have less self-preservation in regards to how they are perceived and tend to show gender roles more openly, this can also include the denial of the gender binary.
During the day, observing gender through a sociological perspective was quite difficult. I was more aware of others doing gender during the research than myself. However, I did have catch myself doing gender at certain times. For example, I applied makeup that morning with the knowledge that I would get more male attention at the mall.
Social construction influences society through social cues from birth. Its subtle presence procures a position for the gender binary within society and deems it a powerful force that implements overt and covert social sanctions.
Aside from acknowledging my promotion of social construction through my personal daily routines, I began to question how social construction has indirectly affected those who identify as cisgender. Through this research, I began to notice that some women felt that it was necessary to have a man taller and broader made her feel “dainty”. In other words, these cisgendered women felt that feeling “small” or “tiny” promoted femininity, thus making them more feminine. Both women that I asked were not able to explain why they believed their men needed to be larger than themselves or why it made them feel more feminine.
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...father and dropped out of college; now, because I’m currently in a long-term relationship that’s lasted five years, she worries that I will repeat her past mistakes. During the phone call, she expressed this worry again, and told me that the more I live at my boyfriend’s house, the more I’m “playing house”. Her accusations shocked me because of the belief that I’ve taken on the “housewife” role and the “mothering” role at my boyfriend’s house. She believed that I was taking care of him – the standard domestic mentality – instead of focusing on bettering myself and that I enjoyed being this way.
Through further examination, I realized that this was a form of social stratification that my mother was trying to encourage me to step away from. Although accusations were false, I understood that she wanted to free me from the subordinate role and be more than a submissive.

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