The Social Construct Of The Good South Asian Mother Essay examples

The Social Construct Of The Good South Asian Mother Essay examples

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Tentative Title: The Social Construct of the Good South Asian Mother
Topic: South Asian mothers living in North America.
Rational for Topic: I chose this topic because I felt a deeper connection because I come from a South Asian background. Also the mothers in my family are all from a South Asian background and I can see how the burden of housework and childcare is put on the women. I want gender equality within my future household. I do not want to feel the pressure to conform to this “good mother”. I find it unfair that all the work is put on mothers because of dominant gender ideologies and because there is a lack of support especially for women of colour.
Key Research Questions:
- How is motherhood socially constructed in South Asian culture?
- What are the challenges and possibilities faced by South Asian Mothers?
- Why do South Asian mothers feel the pressure to conform to the social construction of the “good mother”?
- How do dominant gender ideologies and the lack of structural support shape South Asian mothers?
- How do South Asian mothers express their agency and how do we define agency and power?
Thesis: In this paper, I will use a feminist political economy perspective to demonstrate that South Asian mothers living in North America feel the pressure to conform to the social construction of the “good mother”, which is shaped by dominant gender ideologies and the lack of structural support.
Supporting Research: My paper will contain the following subheadings:
- An introduction with the thesis: The growing diversity of variation in parenting has been given attention to in North America in the last few years. Mothers and fathers in the South Asian culture want the best for their child just like in any culture.
- T...

... middle of paper ...

...ily also feel the pressure to conform to the construction of the “good mother”. However, many women in my immediate and extended family tend to challenge dominant gender ideologies by hiring nannies to help with household work and child care responsibilities.
- Future recommendations: There needs to be more research done on South Asian mothers. A lot of the research on South Asian mothers is outdated. Creating blogs such as are a great way to open up space for conservations for mothers. The challenge to Canadian society is to find measures to support women family caregivers from diverse cultural backgrounds.
- Conclusion and summarizing the whole entire paper: I believe that if men are more involved in family life it can benefit women freeing them from the double burden. I also believe if we had a Quebec’s daycare plan it could benefit many mothers.

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