Social Consequences of Gaming and Casino's Essay

Social Consequences of Gaming and Casino's Essay

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Compared with other faux pas such as cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption, gambling is a relatively new and legal outlet for people to abuse leading to self-harm, maladaptive family structures and an eventual strain on society. While gaming has been around since the beginning of time, the last thirty years has brought about new and more aggressive marketing and with it has come new set of problems. The new world of gambling is orientated around continuous and rapid mass consumption (slot machines) focused primarily upon individuals betting in increasingly socially dislocated environments (Adams). Communities with gaming centers, race-tracks, and casino’s are often located in the poorest parts of cities and suburbs. In the United States, racial and ethnic minorities are among the groups most at risk for gambling problems (Wiggins). A random-digit-dial telephone survey revealed that 8% of Hispanics were pathological gamblers, which is four times higher than the 1.8% rate for Whites (Wiggins). From a social exchange point of view we have to ask ourselves if the risk of increased social disruption outweighs the rewards of local economy stimulation. Is it acceptable to harm the social fabric by increasing crime, bankruptcies, and social pathologies? (Chhabra)
Social exchange theory. What is real is real in its consequences, per W.I. Thomas. If residents in close proximity to a casino perceive themselves as benefitting from gaming then they are likely to view the casino as positive on their environment, if they perceive themselves as incurring costs or being victim to crime they are likely to view it as negative. Some communities report two-fold increase in the social worker case loads, and an ongoing demand existing f...

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