Social Concerns And The Social Concern Essay

Social Concerns And The Social Concern Essay

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On the perspective of physiology, the social concern is been widely describe how individual perspective have been influenced. On the scenario, different social concern has been introduced, which are more related to the social concern I have experienced. The social concern I have experienced on my life like poverty, school dropout, homelessness, teen pregnancy and much more. There might be many questions playing on your mind, what are the factor for individual to lead in those situations. Family background, diversity, social environment might be some of the factors for the many social concerns. Although social concern being a more relevant issue on these days, there are many ways we can recover the situations. From the perspective of psychology on social concern, each perspective has a different way on empathizing the social concern. As like the case of Kimberly, the white girl who become homeless because of her parent loss their job and lead her to dropout from school to help her family and finding the stable house for living. On this case, how different perspective of psychology describes the situation. The perspective of psychology is behaviorism, psychodynamic, sociocultural, the behaviorism is more likely to be learning theory. The environment has a direct impact on individual life. On Kimberly case, her family environment is most important part of the situation where she needs to drop out from the school. as the behaviorism, psychodynamic describe the emotional response to the situation. The anxiety from the situation describes more about how personal behavior to the emotions and how stable to control the situation arise. On Kimberly case, the parent’s loss their job and being homeless and her response on those situations a...

... middle of paper ... lead them to create that situation. To earn a little money and help to rise their family standard and fullfil their needs, they do illegal sex relationship with many boys or when they are on drug abuse they might do sex with other which lead them to be pregnant. There are much more cause and factor that are creating social concern in the community. I have directly or indirectly interconnection with those social concern. My experience on social concern is mostly seeing and engaging with a family member and friends who are facing that situation. Not only on low income or poverty family, high standard family’s member are also facing the social concern and situation as like other. The social concern might go off if poverty family get jobs or another source of income which might rise their living standard and afford for thiers family member on education and their needs.

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