Social Competence Defined As The Impact Of Social Behavior Essay example

Social Competence Defined As The Impact Of Social Behavior Essay example

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Social competence is essential to living and participating in society, but it is a term that has been defined in many different ways. According to Stichter (2016), “ competence is defined as the impact of social behavior” (p. 02). Meanwhile Shujja (2015) says, “ competence refers to socially effective actions...unrelated to cognitive ability” (p. 02). Fernandez (2015) defines social competence in an even more complicated manner. He states that social competence includes: social cognition, regulation of attention, decoding and interpretation of information, the ability to empathize, regulation of behavior, use of appropriate eye contact and gestures, and the ability to initialize a conversation (p. 02). To put it more clearly, social competence is the ability of a person to use socially effective and appropriate actions. In other words, it is the ability to interact with and get along with other people. This becomes especially important when a child starts going to school. According to (Dennis, 2015), “As children begin their formal schooling years, they face increasing demands for displaying appropriate social competence skills” (p. 02). Suddenly, the student goes from interacting primarily with their family, to interacting with a teacher and twenty to thirty other kids. Not being able to successfully interact with or get along with their peers or teacher can have serious consequences.
Sometimes when researchers want to study student peer relationships, they do a peer survey. A peer survey is just what it sounds like. Researchers ask kids to report which peers they like the best and which of them they like the least. Usually the kids are put in one of three groups. Students with lots of positive rat...

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...” and wait for a response from the person he was interrupting. Then he had to ask his question and wait for an answer. Finally, he had to say “thank you” before leaving (p. 06). With training, Hank is now able to interrupt a conversation with more politeness than most people have. The cool vs. uncool method was used to teach him this skill. During Hank 's training (Leaf, 2016) reported that he was shown the correct and incorrect way of interrupting a conversation two times each in random order. After each demonstration, he had to determine whether the correct method was used or if their was a mistake. Afterwards, Hank role played interrupting conversations in different imagined settings.
Social incompetence can have a negative and long lasting effect on a students life. Hopefully these deficits are discovered and rectified before any long term damage is done.

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