Social Cognitive Developmental Frameworkd Essay

Social Cognitive Developmental Frameworkd Essay

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Purpose: To explain the social cognitive developmental framework to audiences of social, cognitive, developmental and clinical psychology. As well as give an in depth example of parenting praise, effects on children’s theories of achievement motivation and the implications of these frameworks.
Social cognitive development is a field which focuses on how mental representations and mental processes relevant to social development change across development. It also includes the study of how the mental representations mediate or moderate the impact of antecedents and children’s outcomes. From a social cognitive developmental standpoint, the methods of both social and cognitive fields limit the approach one can take to the research, thus a full inclusion of the social cognitive developmental approach can help gain a more complete picture of development (Olson & Dweck, 2008). While both social development and cognitive development are often looking at similar concept, they often approach the topics in very different ways. To better understand the split, explaining the approaches, looking at social development and cognitive development, will set a foundation for the need of social cognitive development.
Much of the social development literature focuses on antecedents of child outcomes. Typically social developmentalists look at large, correlational studies that occur in natural settings. They look at natural group variations and compare the social input of context to determine how these factors affect a child’s well-being. There are a range of variables they use, but often apply statistics to patterns of change over time to infer causation (Olson & Dweck, 2008). In some ways, from this perspective you can understand the outcomes from...

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