Social Classes Within The United States Essay

Social Classes Within The United States Essay

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In America it is based on the relations of property and power and the division of social classes in the United States, the most basic class distinction is between the powerful and the powerless. Social classes groups are the upper class have a great deal of power which usually are viewed as the elites within their own societies. In general usage, the elite is a hypothetical group of relatively small size that is dominant within a large society, having a privileged status perceived as being envied by others. Various social and political theories propose that social classes with greater power attempt to strengthen their own ranking above the lower classes. The upper class has more power because there are some people who are wealthy and do have high paying jobs they have the experience and education background in order for them to become President, Vice President of the United States and chief executive officer (CEO) and the board of trustees to name a few. They are able to move their influence if they are well known or know someone it all depends where they are living in the United St...

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