Social Class Within Great Expectations, The Doll's House, and Society Essay

Social Class Within Great Expectations, The Doll's House, and Society Essay

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Social Class Within Great Expectations, The Doll's House, and Society
Society has evolved over the years in many ways. Including advances in technology, and enriched education . Within the novel Great Expectations, there is a strong contrast between the rich and the poor. Similarly, in the short story, The Doll's House, the 'lower class' or poor children were displaced amongst the rest and were avoided. Although society has progressed in other ways, social class injustice is still present today. In the following essay, I will compare the existing social class injustice that is portrayed throughout the two stories set in historical periods, to those seen today by exploring the relationship between wealth and class, interaction between upper and lower class, and the social class structure.

In Great Expectations, Pip was one of lower class. Although he did not have the fortunes, Pip was happy. Once he was introduced to the rich Miss Havisham and her daughter Estella, he fell in love. Estella became the object of his affection, yet because she was considered high class, there wou...

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