The Social Class Of Middle Class Essay

The Social Class Of Middle Class Essay

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The social class I would put my family in is Middle Class. There are a few reasons why I put my family in this class. Some of these reasons include home ownership, income, job, health care, education, different planning funds and vacation time. My parents own the home that we live in, which is a two family house. We have someone renting the other floor in the house. Both of my parents have stable jobs. My mother is a nurse manager at a nursing home and has been a registered nurse for about twenty years. My father is a Certified Nursing Assistant in a nursing home and has been working there for about twenty years. My parents never struggled with finding or keeping a job. Since my parents never struggled with finding a job, both of them are able to provide with a stable income. My parents haven 't gone through money issues such as trouble paying bills or not being able to provide for my sister and I. My parents are able to get food on the table and buy nice things for the family without any problems such as owning two cars. Since my parents have a stable income, they are able to have different planning funds. Some of these funds include retirement plans and college savings. My parents take some of their money and put it into a retirement fund. They have the extra money to put away and save to have a comfortable retirement. My parents also created college saving funds for my sister and I. My parents did this in order to allow my sister and I to go to college without taking any loans. My parents made it very important for my sister to go to college. My mother received her bachelor degree in nursing and my father received his high school degree and certified nursing assistant certificate. My sister and I are currently in school, hopefu...

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...ust on a lower spectrum than she is used to. She would have to live off of paycheck from paycheck like the working class. She would live in a place where some of the rooms weren’t complete or in bad quality. In order to have the other things to live comfortably, it would mostly be based on your job and home that you have.
The social class that I put my family in and the social class that I observed are very different. The main reason is the type of job and place someone lives in. Someone in middle class might have a higher education level compared to someone in the working class. Middle class people might wear more name brand clothing compared to the working class who might not wear name brand clothing. The environment in a middle class neighborhood is cleaner than a working class. I believe that Ehrenreich would be interested in visiting this working neighborhood.

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