Essay on Social Class in Great Expectations

Essay on Social Class in Great Expectations

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In Great Expectations, Pip changed his social class immensely. Pip did not understand how a poor family could be happy. Pip thought that social class was everything in life. He also thought that money was very important. In reality, it turns out that money and social rank do not matter in life. What really matters is being connected and having relationships with family and friends. Pip finds that out the hard way. In Great Expectations, Pip is exposed to many different social classes, he acts very differently, he finds out how lonely he becomes, and how family and friends mean everything in life.
Early in life, Pip grew up in a poor and kind of lower class family. As a young child, Pip did not understand how poor people could be so happy without a lot of money. He did not understand how his family was not content with the social class his family is positioned in. When Pip travels to London in the novel, he finds out what a higher class rank is like. Pip wants something enhanced for him in the story than just being Joe’s trainee. That is the whole rationale of why Pip goes to London in the Novel. Pip wants a lot of money and a high rank in social class. Pip has greater expectations for himself; he believes that if he can make a living by escaping the bottom level social caste system he will find prosperity, happiness, and the love of the beautiful Estella. When he leaves Biddy and Joe in the novel, he was sad because Joe and he are really great friends in the novel.
Pip becomes cold-hearted and reserved from his true family once he is exposed to his new life in London. When Joe visits Pip in the novel, Pip is very unkind toward Joe, hurting his feelings. Joe realizes how insolent Pip has become and, although Pip is disres...

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...he novel. When he finds out what he wants, it is too late because Biddy is getting married to Joe. Social class and money made Pip a very lonely man by the end of the novel. He accomplishes everything he works for in London, but everything that he had hoped with Estella did not work out. Life is not just about social class and money. It is about having a loving family and loving friends who support what you do in anything you want to do in life.

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