Social Class Discrimination On Society Essays

Social Class Discrimination On Society Essays

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Everyday people within our country face conflict based on their social class. It is always a story of one getting unequal wages and working conditions, favoritism, and many other inequities based on social class. It may seem like a little problem, but this dispute is like a disease and can spread throughout history. People’s life chances and opportunities are decreasing as class discrimination takes place. America is known as the land full of opportunities which is why many individuals migrate here hoping to achieve the American dream. However, economy is only fair to the majorities and leaves the minorities to suffer the inequality and lower socioeconomic statuses which affects their social mobility. Therefore, due to the nature of capitalism in America, it has become apparent that social class does in fact play a role in social mobility and equality is still not justified in social institutions. This is shown through society’s discrimination towards education, work conditions, and health.
In this country, education has always been portrayed to give every individual equal outcome and opportunities. However, one’s prestige and wealth can affect their chances of attaining an effective education. Abhijeet Singh stated, “ Private schools are associated with student achievement that is higher than public schools, even after accounting for all pre-existing differences in socio-economic background.” This quote proves that those who attend private school are given better education and are more likely to be successful in the future than public schools which receives less funding and attention. This creates a bias that lower social class students, who are unable to afford private school tuition, are deemed to not succeed as far as a stude...

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...minimum of resources they have on a daily basis.This is due to the standards they live on, which is why low social class struggles social mobility.
In conclusion, one’s social class does affect social mobility and inequality in modern society. The stratification in America only gives the image of the American dream to the majorities in society. Furthermore, it is an endless path for people in poverty to escape their tragic background. Once an individual is inscribed to a low social class, social mobility becomes a difficult obstacle to escape. Higher education becomes far of a reach, Working conditions are more intense and crucial to one’s life, and health is a dilemma whether one spends it on processed foods or other resources. It is soundly clear that people in the lower social class are put at a disadvantage and will continue to pressure our equality in America.

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