Essay on Social Class And Social Status

Essay on Social Class And Social Status

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For many years, social class has been one of the most widely discussed topics. Many experts (such as politicians, economists, and historians) believe that social class actually matters. Social class is defined as the division of society based on economic and social status. The most important factors of social class include income, education, and occupation. It is often necessary to combine these factors to identify some hidden facts that affect human interpretation of the role social class plays. Social class can potentially affect an individual’s future as seen through the interview with my aunt and Mike Lefevre. Social class not only determines the type of job opportunities open to an individual but it also determines the environment they grow up in and the education they receive.
Education is one of the main aspect of one’s social status. It plays a vital role in where one will work and their potentially earning. That is to say that individuals with higher social status are more likely to have attended college, attained higher education and have higher paying occupations versus someone from the lower class. Because of this, there are often educational inequality in the sense that wealthier families are able to provide their children with the necessary tools to succeed in school. One example of this would be my aunt. Her last educational level was the ninth grade due to lack of money in the family since education in China during her times required a fee (like college today). Because of this, she dropped out of school and came to America to live the “American dream.” In America, she was unable to further her education due to limited reading and writing skills in the English language. That is to say that when she came to America...

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...ld. Unlike people like her, most restaurant owners tend to have accredited advanced degree such as business administration and economics.
While education and occupation are important, income plays the largest role in determining one’s social class. Income is the force behind what an individual can and cannot do. By means of that, in most country going to college to get a degree or an advanced degree requires money.
Thus, social class matters. It is what gives every individual their own unique identity and a non-verbal way of telling people their life. Some ways of classifying individuals include education, occupation, and income. However, through the various examples, we can also see that the three component can be manipulated through time and hard work. It is all dependent on the mind and soul of an individual and how much they want to achieve their goals in life.

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