Social Class And Its Relation On Schooling Essays

Social Class And Its Relation On Schooling Essays

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Social Class and its relation to schooling
The author explains the way school is responsible for creating stratification of social classes through three models – economy reproduction, cultural reproduction and hegemony reproduction. In a democratic society, schools should be considered as a medium through which each student needs to be treated equally and be given access to all education related materials and resources irrespective of their class, race, and gender of the children. There should be no differentiation of structuring of knowledge through adopting different textbooks or making changes to the curriculum according to the needs of different social class groups. Each one of the student needs to be treated equally and given opportunities and hopes for living a better quality life. However, social stratification is reinforced in the schools from the time children begin going to the schools. Schools differentiate children based on their knowledge acquisition and social skills and prepare them for different levels of occupation accordingly. As a result, schools reinforce the stratification of social class by sorting, classifying, and assigning children to their future workforce resulting in social reproduction.
School authorities consisting of middle and higher class people are responsible for adopting the values, beliefs, and norms and further passed from generation to generation in the schools. Such cultural skills are recognized as standard accepted behavior skills for all children irrespective of their diverse cultural backgrounds. Minorities are enforced to oblige to it and further evaluated as a part of hidden agenda which individuals learn in an informal way and converted into educational credentia...

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...e of situation creates discontent among the working class students and makes them more vulnerable to anti-social activities leading to increase in crimes and violence in the society”.
Nevertheless, the economic reproduction model revealed the relationship between social class and structural inequality of schooling with the fallout that students from lower backgrounds are relegated to lower level jobs while upper class students are rewarded with superior positions (DeMarrais & LeCompte, 1998). Though the author explains the other two models but fails to show how culture and hegemony reproduction plays a huge factor in contributing towards economic reproduction. They are interrelated among each other and cannot take place by itself without the process on the other one taking place. In the next section, I will critically analyze the cultural reproduction.

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