Essay about Social Class And Family Life

Essay about Social Class And Family Life

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Throughout life we are placed into social classes, whether we educate ourselves, marry into it, or taught by our parents. Each one has a connection to our family life and impacts it. With marriage you can marry into wealth or have two working parents. Through education parents can receive higher education, which helps them gain higher pay. Parenting style also affects the family life style depending on social class. Each of these are connections between social class and family life will be discussed.
Marriage has an important connection between family life and social class. It 's important because if a person were to get married, the couple would be able to pool their money together and build a better life. It would bring them up in the social class but it could also bring them down. If the couple were to get divorced a single parent would likely be unable to afford the same house. Parents that are divorce would split the family up, children then have to switch between staying with parents. Children also learn from their parents on what marriage is. For example Jen grew up in a social class where marriage was something that doesn 't happen often. In the article Unmarried with Children, it explains the reasoning behind poor mothers not marrying. It was uncommon for couples to bear children while married. Marriage was also held up as a big costly event. All of her family and friends weren 't married, instead they put it off, it wasn 't uncommon for mothers to be single parents. Divorce was something they wanted to avoid because of the money it cost and the hassle. The majority of these mothers were high school drops also, showing not having a certain amount of education can affect family and social class.
Education is a key connec...

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...ic and Private Families: An Introduction.) Middle class parents want their children to be “independent, responsible, and creative.” (Public and Private Families: An Introduction.) Parents want their children to succeed like them and be happy.
Each one of these examples given shows the connection between social class and family. Marriage is something everyone strives for, it 's the big goal. It has a different meaning to everyone and can be the start of family or the end of one. With marriage is education, as said before parents with college education put off marriage and aren’t as likely to divorce. Then there’s parenting, it’s the base of everything. Parents want what’s best for their child and will do their best to make sure they succeed by instill traits they think are important to succeed. All three of these are important in connecting family and social class.

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