Social Changes And Its Impact On Society Essay

Social Changes And Its Impact On Society Essay

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One of the biggest concepts of understanding one’s life experiences is the term sociological imagination. Defined as the ability to see and understand the how and the way of social forces. Often individual’s like myself and don’t realize how our lives are connected to the many different social changes that come along with society and history. Social changes are the transformations of culture and societies over time. Culture and society changes advances over time and we contribute to some of those changes. Throughout the generations things change, our lives are all through micro sociological and macro sociological changes. Micro levels are small-scale patterns of society, such as everyday social communication that we have with people, while macro levels are large-scale patterns of society. The large-scale interactions consist of church base faith or even your own culture, all in, which shape who you are. Throughout the course of my Sociology class I have gasped a better understanding of my way of thinking and doing things because of the changes and current views of society, while also learning that I am very well apart of society and contribute to it.
I believe that a lot of the macro level things in society are what shaped my life experiences the most. A few of the biggest things that stood out to me in sociology is how your family (race and culture), plays a significant role in how your life will play out. I come from an multiracial family. African Americans and Central Americans are subjected to a lot of stereotypes. Stereotypes such as; having children out of wedlock, not being able to obtain a good education, or even being stereotyped to have a lower social class. I come from a family of three children, but we’re not a blende...

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...magination. I never would have thought it played such a significant role in the way I go through life until now. There are so many numerous social forces that go so above this paper and the more society increases in population the more social forces will change, and like evolution my perspective on sociological imagination will change. Change in society is unpreventable, so I believe one won’t hold on to all views of society throughout the course of their life. Although, I have come to a conclusion that my life experiences aren’t just by fate but my behavior and the way I give thought to solutions goes back to the history of the way I was brought up, but also the history of the world as a whole. While sociological imagination has to do with social forces, I’m a firm believer that my life experiences are due to the fact that I don’t agree with most of society beliefs.

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