The Social Change Of America Essay

The Social Change Of America Essay

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Fear is motivation
America has had many occurrence where social change was brought about some and these social changes have caused the development of conspiracies of all sorts. The Obama Birther movement is most compatible with being a moral panic because the fear of a social change of having an African American as a president is consistent with the characteristics of a moral panic. It lasted a sustained period of time, it was in consistent media coverage and politicians like Donald Trump used it to elevate his campaigning. It was such a persistent problem that Barack Obama felt it was necessary to provide the “Long Form certificate”, a certificate that even the president has no access to, in order to retrieve it lawyers had to jump through hoops. This is essentially the basis of a moral panic, there was a large portion of the population that feared the change, causing conspiracies to derive form the moral panic. There was the one conspiracy that Obama originally traveled through Mars. The Obama panic, shows how the some people benefit from the dilemma was all of the politician who were running against Obama or just the political party that opposed Obama in general.
The 9/11 incident had so many conspiracies it is almost unbelievable. This is certainly more similar to a conspiracy than anything else. There is he blaming happening throughout all of this, blaming the president, government, Islamic community, Sadam Hussain, and many others. This sparked a “truth movement” within America, which still is a long standing issue of distrust of the government. The conspiracies range from the standing president at the time Bush Jr., actually coordinated the plan, then there was a placement of fault on the engineer of the building and its...

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...ple murders, even though the evidence found did not prove that they were murders. The Satanic Cult case also showed a fear of social change, in new religions arising. All of these case had built-off conspiracies that derived from an original event.
There is a connection of fear all throughout these 4 cases, where a religion or a certain type of people are made out to be over-all malevolent and in general immoral. In the 9/11 case it was the Middles-Eastern community and Islamic community. In The Satanic Cult case, it was the religious practices of members of society, For the Jonestown Cult Case it was the fear of persecution by government agencies (FBI, CIA) and other radical groups like the KKK. The Birther Movement case, sowed a fear of social change, a change in the usual racial dynamics of the country. Fear is what drives the irrational actions of the masses.

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