Social Change And Development Within The Society, Empowerment, And Liberation Of People

Social Change And Development Within The Society, Empowerment, And Liberation Of People

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Social work is of great significance worldwide aiming to bring about social change and development, cohesiveness within the society, empowerment and liberation of people, particularly those who are in need (International Federation of Social Workers & International Association of School of Social Work (IFSW & IASSW), 2014). The basic functions of social work includes Restoration, Provision of resources and Prevention. A Social Worker can be defined as an individual who is trained and qualified in the field of Social Work. He/she works with vulnerable people in an effort to bring about change in them and develop their social functioning. This is done in hopes of the individual meeting their social needs, identifying and finding solutions for their problems thus leading to a more sustainable life.
The casework process is a process undertaken by Social Workers to help clients utilize the available resources around them in order to help them attain social functioning. It can be classified as a problem solving model where specific techniques to help the client hence being known as client centred and focused on the needs of the client. The roles of the social worker according to Biestek (1857), is having knowledge of the science of human relations as well as possessing a skill-set that would enable a better working relationship between the social worker and client. He conceptualized the Principles of Social Work which included Individualization, Purposeful expression of feelings, Controlled emotional involvement, Acceptance, Non-judgmental attitude, Client self-determination, and Confidentiality.
Case Management can be defined as a process of
Group Work, according to Farley, Smith and Boyle (2003) is “a method of working with people i...

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... is done to make the client comfortable therefore making him/her more open to communicating with the social worker. Once communication is established, the helping process begins whereby the client is comfortable to share his/her problem with the hope of being helped and given the necessary tools to deal with and overcome their problem. The barriers that could potentially disrupt the helping relationship include embarrassment, judgemental attitudes, pride, constant failure and inability to recognise the need for help. Strategies for overcoming the barriers that could potentially disrupt the helping relationship include recognising the need for help, having the courage to ask for help, realizing that change would not happen overnight but through persistence, the correct guidance and motivation then seeking help when in a difficult situation would become second nature.

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