The Social Bond Theory Written By Travis Hirschi Essay

The Social Bond Theory Written By Travis Hirschi Essay

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The social bond theory written by Travis Hirschi (Belknap, 2007) focuses on what motivates people to obey laws. His theory focuses on four categories of social bonds that prevent delinquency. These categories are attachment, commitment, involvement and belief. These four categories can also be used to explain why young girls become juvenile delinquents. Beginning with attachment, this population of girls (and boys) experience mother-daughter relational problems. Object-relations theory, which was developed by Margaret Mahler (Archer, L., Grascia, A., 2005), emphasizes interpersonal relationships, primarily in the family and especially between mother and child. This theory forms the basis of much thinking about the way people develop their relationships with others. It is a useful tool in understanding the impact that maternal discord has on these young females. Margaret Mahler placed great emphasis on the importance of just “holding” the child, making the child feel secure through physical and psychological holding. This keeps tension and frustration from becoming too great. In theory, many of the young girls who become juvenile delinquents do not have the positive “holding” experience from their biological mothers, who is “the” most important person in their young lives. These girls (and boys) did not feel loved, cared for and protected from a very early age.
​ Commitment is the second category Hirschi emphasizes. He states that when a person is committed to conventional activities such as homework, afterschool sports, attending classes, there is little time to engage in criminal behavior. However, if a child is not modeled these type of values or encouraged to focus on these activities, then how is she (or he) to discrim...

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...home and within the justice system, may help explain what drives some of these girls to become repeat offenders and to continue using drugs and alcohol to numb their pain. They seek out the gang as a refuge: a place where they can belong, be protected, and most importantly, be seen fighting back – stronger, and as violently as they have been violated, letting themselves and the world know they will not be victims anymore. We as a society need to quit ignoring the cries for help of these girl offenders and to ask why we have excused victimization. Was it because of convenience or was it so we did not have to deal with it and take responsibility for allowing it. Either way we cannot ignore it anymore. We must acknowledge that the youngest and most innocent of our humanity is being violated and that we are all responsible for it and must take action to stop it.

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