Essay on Social Behavior Theory and It's Roots

Essay on Social Behavior Theory and It's Roots

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Social Behavior Theory and It’s Roots: U. S. Census of People in Perry County and Health Risk Assessment

In the first part of this paper, you will get a good review of Perry County, Kentucky’s population broken down into groups of gender, race, children, senior citizens, and the disabled. After the results are given of the population, I will discuss the population of children in Perry County and two major health concerns that our children face. I will also discuss what kind of community health interventions or public policies that we have to help with these concerns. In the second part of this paper, you will get the results of a Health Risk Assessment that I took on cervical cancer. I will then discuss those results and what I can do to decrease my chance of getting cervical cancer, as well as improving my own health.
The county that I live in is Perry County and the state that I live in is Kentucky. By using the United States Census Bureau (2012), I was able to find the following information about the population of Perry County. To start off, the total population of Kentucky is 4, 395, 295 people. The total population of Perry County is only 28, 241 people. I then broke the population down by using five categories that include gender, race, children, senior citizens, and the disabled. The population of children under the age of 5 years old is 4, 356. The population of senior citizens 65 years and older is 2, 002. The population of disable people in Perry County is 1, 476.
The results for the category of gender is there are 14, 121 females in Perry County and 14, 120 males in Perry County. The last category is race and there are quite a few results for race in Perry County. The population of peopl...

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