Social Aspects About Sexually And The African Context By Busangokwakhe Diamini

Social Aspects About Sexually And The African Context By Busangokwakhe Diamini

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Throughout history we have learned numerous social aspects about sexually and the influence it has toward different cultures around the world. The identity of homosexuality is an important topic in history because it uncovers the change of perspective within a culture and how those cultures manage to respond back to those adjustments. In the article “Homosexuality in the African context” by Busangokwakhe Diamini, the author talks about the identity of homosexuality of both genders in Africa and how it was seen normal when an African individual dated the same sex. The author goes more into depth on homosexuality because he is arguing whether or not the labeling of homosexuality was developed based upon the colonization. In the article called “Gay and Lesbian Movement in India” by Sherry Joseph, the author elaborates on the actions that the gay and lesbian community took to build upon a movement in order to get their voices heard for a better relationship within the gay and lesbian community. The movement was created when eighteen homosexuals individuals were illegally arrested and this lead to a major uproar because of the lack of respect that these communities were given. Another article by Young-Gwan Kim and Sook-Ja Hahn
called “Homosexuality in Ancient and Modern Korea” they explain the difference between the Korean past and modern day Korea about the identity of male homosexuality. The authors reveal an important shift of homosexuality throughout the history of Korea because society has constructed a society in which homosexuality will be looked down upon. In class we went into greater depth about homosexuality in readings that has had similarities and differences correlated to the articles represented here. In the reading, “Ty...

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... sexuality identity because of the structure of society, the interpolation of religion, and fear. The structure of society has caused struggles within the gay and lesbian community by restricting their rights to express their sexual identity. The interpolation of religion has played an important role within the identity of homosexuality because throughout history and within the readings of Busangokwakhe Diamini and Afsaneh Najmabadi, it shows how Western European has influenced the categorization of people with different sexual orientation. Fear has also played a role in the identity of homosexuality because in the article “Homosexuality in Ancient and Modern Korea” by Young-Gwan Kim and Sook-Ja Hahn, they elaborate about the pressure of society that causes fear toward gay men. Men were seen as the dominant gender to be responsible to create and finance his family.

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