Essay on Social Anxiety And Social Depression

Essay on Social Anxiety And Social Depression

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Social anxiety is a disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations or interactions. It is a serious social issue because many people are diagnosed with it. There are more than 200,000 cases per year in the United States (Infogr). A person with Social Anxiety Disorder is always worried because they feel like they are being watched, judged, or criticized by others. They are afraid that they will be embarrassed, humiliated or make mistakes in front of others. People at the age of 13 or above are likely to suffer from this. People could suffer from Social anxiety disorder for the rest of their lives, especially without a proper treatment. Some people might not even realize that they have Social anxiety because they don’t even know about it, or they are either too affected that they believe whatever they think is right and they feel the need to be perfect. It is the third largest mental health problem in the world. Social anxiety leads to depression and an increase of suicide rate. People suffer from social anxiety because of the many problems in their life. 15 million American adults could suffer social anxiety disorder at any time (Infogr). Some People believe those patients should be treated in the hospital, however, others argue natural remedies like meditation and exercising are better. The argument for natural remedies is superior because everyone can afford it.
If a person doesn’t earn enough to pay all the bills and he has the whole family depended upon him, he will mentally suffer from the social anxiety because he will worry too much. Everything that people do or the each decisions that they make, is based on their belief. If they are afraid of making mistakes, worried, and nervous al...

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...sed. Furthermore, being able to establish a sense of humor frequent times in a day will make their whole day positive. People need to believe that everything will be ok, and not take their life too seriously.
As a result, everything that people do in their daily basis or the each experience they have in their life, had made the person that they are today. Some people like the way they are but some don’t. So it is important to think positive and do the right things to become a better person. People who have the money and wants to get a treatment at the hospital, they could certainly do it. But for the majority of the people who couldn’t afford the therapy can treat themselves. However, it is important for those patients to create a meditating routine, exercise routine, maintain a sense of humor, and talk to more people in real life; rather than using their phones.

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