Social And Private Sector Organisations Essay

Social And Private Sector Organisations Essay

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In the last two decades both the public and private sector organisations have experienced incredible changes in their management processes (Hassard et al 2013). Some of these changes in the world of work have been influenced by technology, demography, globalisation to name but a few. These changes are occurring at different areas and levels thus posing a challenge for the management of organisations (Burke and Cooper 2006), hence the importance of using theoretical approaches in organisational development. Organisational theories therefore can be seen as radical changes in organizational thinking based on the changes occurring in human resource management (HRM) (Hassard, et al 2013). Supporting the thinking of Suddaby et al (2011) an example of organisational theory is simply the illustration of a perfect way forward in organisational development or as describes in the business dictionary as understanding the way organisation are designed, the operational structure and how the organisation relates with other organisations who can be their allies or their foe. This actually suggest that one must understand thoroughly the internal and external context of the organisation that will enable you to operate and manage various aspect of change (Gready (2013). In this assignment therefore I will interrogate two theoretical approaches and it value in the world of work and at the same time examine the benefits and challenges of each identified theoretical approaches
Usually we tend to believe that workplaces are closed system but unfortunately the new ideas emerging are contradicting this belief and today most workplaces are designed using an open system theory (Lengnick-Hall et al 2009). Th...

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...ds achieving goals (Laing and Bacevice 2013). We must acknowledge the fact that we are in an era of emerging economies (china and India) and every day new learnings emerge for HRM improvement. In preparing this write up I also noticed that some of these theories can be best adopted in privately owned organisations than in state institution (Lengnick-Hall et al 2009). We must also be aware of the fact that the field of HRM keeps changing due to internal and external factors. Some of key component in these two theories are influenced based on interest which have brought different dimension in HRM and have created links with other disciplines (Lengnick-Hall et al 2009). I also realised that as we continue to further analyse the various component of these theories some component are becoming more operational and others are becoming extinct (Khanna and Palepu 2006)

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