Social And Environmental Responsibility Of The Publix Supermarket, Inc. Essay examples

Social And Environmental Responsibility Of The Publix Supermarket, Inc. Essay examples

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Alternatively, having strategies for philanthropy requires organizations to define their goals with sufficient clarity so potential donors are able to understand while assessing the extent to which an organization like Public Corporation are able to achieve them (Rhode, 2006, p. 232). According to Publix (2014), social and environmental responsibility is a part of their brand and foundation, as well as part of the company’s mission statement, and strategy that will remain as long as the company is in business. Moreover, the Publix Supermarket, Inc (Publix, 2014), mission statement challenges them to be socially responsible citizens within their communities, while currently meeting daily needs and being extremely careful not to compromise what is essential for tomorrow. However, in order for a philanthropist to ensure his funding makes a difference they must ensure that the organization meets required criteria’s.
Moreover, yet companies that is self-sustaining and lacking of philanthropic dollars must continue to aspire to meet organizations in order to be effective in achieving their goals (Rhodes, 2006, p. 233). Furthermore, the funding of ethics should be a priority for organizations as their discretion on determining how their potential targets for social concerns and interest chosen as the preferred objects of their support as freedom of donor discretion as an aspect of philanthropy (Rhodes, 2006, p. 251). In addition, philanthropy benefits stimulates creative, nonbureaucratic, pluralistic solutions to various social issues where interest is limited and funds are finite making it inevitable for choices to be made in accordance of interest, and concerns of donors and representatives (Rhode, 2006, p. 251). However, Rhode ...

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... (Wilson, 2014). Nevertheless, an example base on personal experience: as a regular shopper at the Publix Supermarkets in Georgia, and being within a six-mile radius to three stores on one strip, all location employees work in diversified groups of people from managers to employees that services a culturally diverse community.
In addition, the Publix store serves African Americans, Indian Americans, Asian Americans, Muslims, West Indians, Caucasians, heterosexual, bi-sexual, gays and a host of various cultures and ethnicities, however, they also employ Asian mangers, supervisors, Indians, African Americans, and Caucasians that work in the community they live in. Furthermore, Publix serves its local community in giving to local charities, schools, programs that affects positive change to the people it serves as they encourage their green initiatives, to support and

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