Social And Environmental Impacts On The Environment And Natural Environment

Social And Environmental Impacts On The Environment And Natural Environment

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Nowadays, awareness about the social and environmental impacts got all their attention, whether they are business, public sector, or consumers, which they are trying to maximize the sustainable value of a product or service by creating social and environmental value in a way that meets the customer’s needs and wants and increase customer value as well. The concerns about the present and the future requirements that need to be fulfilled, organizations are responsible for their operations and financial obligations that impact the society and natural environment and to conduct sustainable principles, they have developed many of strategies especially that organizations are dealing with educated consumers, and social responsibility are mostly required to create a clearer image for the company’s stakeholders, including employees, community, consumers, and shareholders, consumers can decide whether the company succeed or fail so marketers should put their effort and try to ensure their practices without pretending activities or things they do not provide.
Marketers developed products and services that satisfy customer’s needs and want at affordable prices but things have changed; now they are looking for environmentally friendly products (Green products) that have the least damages on the environment, so they have to pay attention to the finite raw materials and elimination of polluting and toxic or hazardous waste. According to the consumer’s need with a heightened social and environmental requirement that cannot be achieved with the same marketing practices used in the past, companies should implement innovative and flexible strategies that can meet the new sustainability challenges and rules, and achieve a competitive advantage in t...

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...nsure the quality of their products with a long- term contract with the suppliers to reduce the flow of production, they uses catalogs for promotion to have a direct contact with customers to ensure their needs and wants. They are so eager to ensure the customer requirements and this is a reason for their survival and success. (Panagiotaropoulou, 2014).
Companies will need to be up-to-date with environmental or social changes so it can develop the necessary strategies to follow up with these changes, to prove its existence in all different stages, and make sure it meets the customer’s requirements to keep its competitive market position against its competitors. Analyse the sustainability needs as well as social, economic and environmental issues, gain a competitive advantage and imply social responsibility and you will guarantee a successful company in the future.

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