Social And Emotional Learning Development Essay

Social And Emotional Learning Development Essay

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Social and emotional learning is the process of developing basic social and emotional competence in children and youth, and also of acquiring knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to recognizing and managing emotions. In addition, as these learnings teach youths how to cope with the social surroundings, establish and maintain relationships with others, and exercise effective decision-making, social and emotional learning are crucial in youth period as they play important role in youth’s successful transition to adulthood.

According to the research conducted by Hamedani and Darling-Hammond, they have concluded that it is possible to improve school performance, prosocial behaviour, and reduce aggressive behaviour in youth if the proper and systematic way is taken to encourage students to improve social and emotional competence (Hamedani & Darling-Hammond, 2015). Moreover, practice and research show that when schools conduct activities focused on the emotional and social needs of students, the youth become more engaged in learning, show less problematic behaviour, and improve their academic achievement.

Based on the findings of the development and socialization effects on emotional intelligence, it is also believed that emotional intelligence can be trained and improved in different social contexts, in educational, organizational, and interpersonal aspects. Due to these specific assumptions that emotional intelligence can be acquired and developed, the term intelligence can also be referred to emotional quotient, emotional literacy, and emotional competence.

Defining values and competencies

Emotional competence is conceptually equated with the ability to identify f...

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... to the positive development are aimed at the general population, as well as to cover the domains of socialization (family, school, community) or more developmental constructs, rather than individuals who need clinical treatment, which are other disciplines altogether.

There is a wide range of existing programs that prove to have positive impacts on the social, emotional and academic success of youths and adolescents. Their main objective is for the professionals to create the basis for an informed decision when choosing a program, depending on the desired results. Options include programs to encourage the positive development of young people, especially programs designed for implementation in schools, which are the most common form of impact evaluation. It supports the youth’s needs and opportunities and their wider application in educational practice.

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