Social and Economic Aspects of Transition to Professional Army in the USA

Social and Economic Aspects of Transition to Professional Army in the USA

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As one of the most effective military instruments used for intensifying of the political and military influence abroad, mainly in the countries of "the third world”, the American management surveys forces of special operations. By definition of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the USA, forces of special operations (CCO) the American armed forces represent specially framed, trained and equipped formations of land forces, the Air Forces and the Naval Forces intended for the decision of specific problems in interests of achievement of the military, political, economic and psychological purposes in territories, belonging or grasped by the foreign states, and in geographical districts representing for the USA special political interest. These formations are in constant readiness for immediate use both in military and in a peace time and can carry out tasks in view together with forces of public value and is independent. Very often, if it is caused by political and military reasons, actions of forces of special operations are illegal, have secret character and are under immediate control of the higher military management. It is considered that the success of the actions spent, as a rule, independently, depends on quality of their prospecting maintenance and attraction possibility to them of local population. Till the end of 70th years of activity CCO has been concentrated to stability maintenance of USA preferred regimens and elimination of the governments and the political forces interfering realization of regional interests of the American imperialism. Ubiquitous escalating of military presence have abroad caused activating in 70 - 80th years of the terrorist activity referred against the American citizens, establishments...

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