Essay about The Social And Cultural Norms

Essay about The Social And Cultural Norms

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When discussing historical perspectives one thinks about changes over time in respect to society and their social and cultural norms. However, in every society there is some one or a group of people that have been excluded or marginalized that has to assert themselves into their environment. This need for acceptance can often lead to a loss of self but the cost of rebellion is worse with a risk of further exclusion. So in cases of Kovaly, Bartolome De Las Casas, Olaudah Equiano or even Olympe De Gouges have found ways to assert themselves into a place that has pushed them or other groups of people away.

In Under a Cruel Star Kovaly had at first found her solution of exclusion to be separation from the a group of people that had marginalized her in the first place: the Nazis. She states “Hanka I 'm going, if you want, follow me. But make it fast” (Kovaly, 19). Unfortunately when escaping from one group that had already excluded her, her friends in Czechoslovakia were unwilling to help since they could face annihilation from their peers as well: “I did not let him go on with his explanations for too long; things were clear without the talk. I saw that he felt ashamed of himself and guilty, but that his fear was stronger than anything else. All he could think of was the deadly danger that had walked in with me” (27). This led to Kovaly eventually finding solace in the communist until her husband, Rudolf Margolius, was convicted and killed during the Slansky trial. Once again Kovaly found herself exiled and trying to separate herself once more by going to the United States. However, even with all of the separation Kovaly found ways to assert herself to the people bringing her down. For example, with her interaction with th...

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By looking into the many different groups that have been excluded or marginalized we can see a pattern that each one follows; each group tries to either conform, rebel, or separate themselves entirely from the hostile situations they are currently in. However, each choice that each group has to make can fall into the specific historical perspective of either Condorcet and his idea of modern enlightenment leading to equality or Benedict Andersons idea that whatever you do you will still be defined by the people outside of your group. Moreover, even with these historical perspectives Kovaly, Bartolome, Equiano, and Gouges are able to assert themselves against the society that is shunning them: but, this just brings about the realization that at any given time there are a group of people who are in need of human rights groups to defend themselves and others.

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