Essay on Soccer Is Not The Defender Or The Forward Players?

Essay on Soccer Is Not The Defender Or The Forward Players?

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Soccer, also known as Futbol, is a very exciting game to watch and play. Soccer is an intriguing sport for a number of reasons: its dynamics in different player positions, the changing of speeds, and a hint of uncertainty where a twist of fate can turn a game around. In soccer, every player contributes to the overall result; even the players sitting on the bench can contribute to the general winning spirit of a team. Although Soccer is no doubt a team game, there has been the argument as to who contributes more to a win: is it the defender or the forward players? Some would believe that it is wrong to consider choosing between the two positions.
The forward position is a very exciting position in the game of soccer and is the position that is the most popular. The forward position often produces the most popular names in the world of soccer and is usually worth a lot more money than any other position. Forwards usually have one game plan, which is to score goals. After all, it is a forward in many cases to score the goal that is most longed-for to put his or her team in a more comfor...

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