Sns And Mental Health : Why Does Social Networking Sites Become The Huge Place Where People?

Sns And Mental Health : Why Does Social Networking Sites Become The Huge Place Where People?

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Kazuki Nakanishi
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SNS and Mental Health
Why does social networking sites (SNS) become the huge place where people can communicate each other? Among many SNS, Facebook, whose number of users surpasses the most populous country China, is the most popular and fashionable SNS all over the world, and it enables people to communicate others easily and instantly (King, 2016). In the previous era of advent technology, the most part of communication had done with face-to-face ; however, as time goes on, communication style has moved from face-to-face to SNS. Nonetheless, more and more people utilize the SNS to communicate other people, some researcher described that SNS is associated with mental health. In the Behavior & Social Networking article “Online Social Networking and Mental Health”(2014), Dr. Igor V. Pantic examined many types of research and has shown that online social networking has the possibility to affect people’s mental, and these influence have both negative and positive about self-esteem and internet addiction. This comprehensive article about the relationship between SNS and mental health is a splendid work to explain the positive influence of self-esteem and the negative impact of SNS addiction.
Dr. Igor V. Pantic indicated that SNS can have a positive effect on self-esteem due to two theory in his article. At first, he pointed out that self-esteem is strongly connected to mental illnesses such as eating disorders, depression, and then the SNS has positive effects on self-esteem. Self-esteem means the confidence or belief in your own value and ability, and according to Prentice 's research, there are two reasons why SNS can have a good influence on self-esteem. He maintained that self-awareness theory ...

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...ges in the 3 decades since Duval and Wicklund 's (1972) original formulation. We review new evidence that bears on the basic tenets of the theory. Many of the assumptions of self-awareness theory require revision, particularly how expectancies influence approach and avoidance of self-standard discrepancies; the nature of standards, especially when they are changed; and the role of causal attribution in directing discrepancy reduction. However, several unresolved conceptual issues remain; future theoretical and empirical directions are discussed.
One day recently, Cynthia Newton 's 12-year-old daughter asked her for help with homework, but Newton didn 't want to help her, because she was too busy on Facebook. So her daughter went upstairs to her room and sent an e-mail asking her for help, but Newton didn 't see the e-mail, because, well, she was too busy on Facebook.

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