Smooth-Running Working Machine with Behavior and Personality Assessments

Smooth-Running Working Machine with Behavior and Personality Assessments

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Behavioral and Personality Assessments
Many of us have dealt with differing personalities at work and through our normal day-to-day activities. As leaders, it is imperative that we understand our own strengths and weaknesses as well as those around us. Performance and team dynamics are very much influenced by behavior styles and differing personality traits. As leaders, or individuals, the ability to measure and capture personal traits and behavioral, or personal branding styles, are key to the success of organizations.
There are many tools out there that organizations and individuals use to understand how the pieces of the team puzzle fit together to create a high performance atmosphere. Leadership traits and the ability to evaluate, assess and communicate performance accurately is extremely important, “within the personal branding movement, people and their careers are marketed as brands complete with promises of performance, specialized designs, and tag lines for success” Lair, 2005). 360 degree performance and 360 individual analyses are analysis tools that provide performance and individual branding methods.
360 Degree Analysis - Team
For some of Team E, we have worked in environments that used the 360 degree performance measurement approach to evaluating employees. The good is that the evaluation will capture a broader review of the performance of employee's. Internal and external points of contacts are used to assess performance. For those that deal with external parties, it is a great tool in evaluating how an employee reflected the organization brand, best business practices and procedures as well as how well they performed their tasks.
After research, some of our team found that 360 performance assessments enabled people...

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...eir consumers an appealing, proven strategy to negotiate the chaotic employment environment around them”. Certified analysts can take information provided via the Reach 360 analysis and give feedback to assist individuals with professional development. The team feels it is a good tool to help us find and polish our professional brand in a competitive marketplace.

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Rampersad, H. K. (2008). A NEW BLUEPRINT FOR POWERFUL AND AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRANDING. Performance Improvement, 47(6), 34-37. Retrieved from

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