Smoking Should Be Outlawed And Banned Essay

Smoking Should Be Outlawed And Banned Essay

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Recently smoking became as one of the biggest social problem, and that is debated by a lot of people. Smoking is not outlawed in many counties; for instance, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, but people should not smoke, so smoking should be outlawed and banned because of three disadvantages of smoking which are harmful effects for health, high dependencies, and public opinions.
First of all, people need to consider how smoking affects their health. Burns DM (1991) said tobacco was composed by over 4,000 chemicals. Especially, the three most toxic substance are tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Those affect people’s health terribly. I will point out characteristics of each substance, and how each substance affects people’s health below. ¬
According to About Health, cigarette tar refers a term adopted to describe the toxic chemical particles left behind from burning cigarettes. This substance include a harmful influence for people’s health which is a carcinogen. Furthermore, tar is not gone from the inside of people’s body soon even if they quit smoking. The reason why this problem happening is tar is a type of adhesive liquid, so the tar is going to stay people’s lungs for a long time, and continue to harm them. Tar also can make people’s lungs and teeth stains brown. One of the huge problem of tar is increasing risk of lung cancer. The Cancer Research UK researched that smoking causes more than 8 out of 10 cases (86%) including passive smoking. That is very high percentage of causing lung cancer.
Nicotine is the most famous substance when people imagine tobacco. Dr. Ananya said that nicotine is strong neurotoxin substance, and it has very high dependencies. The high dependencies triggers that people cannot stop or quit smok...

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...chemicals and 69 are known to cause cancer.” It seems that even if the smoker does not have a mind, the around people is troubled.
In conclusion, smoking has bad effects which are harmful effects for people’s health, high dependencies, and public opinions. The most three harmful substance concluded in tobacco affect people’s health very badly. Also, tobacco has very high dependencies, so it is very difficult to kick the habit even if smokers want to quit smoking after they realized that smoking can gain nothing. In addition, people around smokers are not comfortable while smokers are smoking, and also smokers harm people’s health who do not smoke by passive smoking. Smokers feel ashamed in recent social, and smokers cannot earn and gain anything. They just keep harm their health. Therefore, people should not start smoking, and try to quit smoking as soon as possible.

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