Smoking Is The Leading Preventable Cause Of Death Per Year

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Purpose/Objectives Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death per year and has a wide variety of long term side effects. Smoking can put you at risk for coronary heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and high blood pressure. Smoking can also put you at risk for cataracts and diminished bone health. Changing your behavior and quitting smoking can decrease your risk significantly to that of someone that does not smoke, particularly if they quit at an early age (Doll, Peto, Wheatley, Gray, & Sutherland, 1994). There have been promotions done in the past about how smoking can cause you health problems and what healthy activities you can take part in instead. Promotions focused on healthy eating and exercise as ways to quit smoking. Scientist wants to know what determinants lead to smokers deciding to quit and what interventions will receive the most success. For this study scientist focused on the theory of planned behavior. The theory of planned behavior describes that the determinants to engage in a behavior and the perceived behavioral control over the behavior. Intentions characterize a person’s motivation to execute the behavior and reach their goal (Ajzen, 1991). Perceived behavioral control also demonstrates the person’s perception over their actions and how well they feel they could perform a new task. The more perceived control that you have over a behavior the more likely you will be able to maintain it. Behavioral intention is also measured by attitude and perceived social norm or support. Theory of planned behavior has been studied twice before in smoking. In the first study perceived behavioral control was the strongest indicator of behavioral intentions in a general population of smokers. Behavioral intention was as... ... middle of paper ... lots of various limitations. The study has a small number of participants in the second part of the process which would not allow for very reliable results of a population. The use of health promotion clinics could have altered the results of the study as well. Four aspects that have not been looked that could be added to the study such as experiencing personal mystery by setting and achieving goals, observing others peoples success, persuasive techniques, and using relaxation techniques. Evaluation This was a very interesting study and I feel that it was put together reasonably. The information gathered from the study could have been better if they had more participants in the first and second parts of the study. I think the researchers used the correct concepts for the study but I do not think that using the likert scales gave enough details of the problem.

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