Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health and the Health of Others Essay

Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health and the Health of Others Essay

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Smoking is a dangerous habits for not only the smoker and others around ones them as well. Smoking shortens your life by four to five years, cause lung and heart disease; and can even on problems. Smoking also is dangerous to those around us. Second hand smoke causes breathing problem and cancer.
Smoking is very bad for your health. When you smoke you are shorting your life by four to five cause smoking can affect your breathing. It choses your esophagus which helps you breath. If you do not know what that feels like, you can get a normal size straw Breath through it while doing jumping jacks. Then use a smaller straw like the one people use for their coffee. While breathing through the coffee straw do the same amount of jumping jacks the same amount of time you did with the other straw. Try to breathe. It will be hard to breathe through the straw because you cannot get enough air. The reason how I know that was because at my old school there was people that showed us what all the harm that could come to the people that do smoke and show us a jar of some kind of black tar stuff that inside of your lungs when you smoke a lot. Plus another bad thing about the smoking is when the person is smoking around under kids and that could give the kid second hand smoke and I think that’s worse then the people that is doing the smoking, if someone wants to smoke they should go somewhere where there isn’t no kids around that would catch the smoking effect or none of the bad stuff.
I readied an article online over the effect of smoking and I guess I learn that smoking could also change the way your food taste so if you do ever start smoking you could think about the food that’s going to start tasting bad or start to noticing the food not tasti...

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...odents. And we know that in humans, chemicals from tobacco smoke reach breast tissue and are found in breast milk. That’s only the start of breast cancer so later on down the road it could be worse through out the year.
Smoking does do a lot of harmful things to the human body and if the smokers keep smoking through his life will be shorten by 4 to 5 five but not only they are hurting their self they are also hurting little one and the one that are non-smoker are still breathing in the air that the smoke is going in and that us effect them as will.

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