Essay on Smoking and Second Hand Smoking

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Lifestyle is one of the determinants of health. Several factors influence the family lifestyle in UAE such as smoking. Tobacco uses still a great health hazard. It caused death for more than six million people in the world in 2010 (Aden, Karrar, Shafey & Al Hosani, 2013). UAE faces a lot of negative effects related to tobacco such as cardiovascular disease which counted by 37.5% of all deaths in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Aden, Karrar, Shafey & Al Hosani, 2013). Injury can cause mortality and disability. It was the second leading cause of death UAE between 2000 and 2008 which is estimated at 1200 deaths per year. Around 9% of deaths of children was caused by injury from 2000 to 2008 (Loney, Aw, Daniel, Handysides, Ali, Blair, Grivna & Shah, 2013). The third aspect is the food hygiene. Food hygiene describes the preparing, storing and cooking food in order to prevent food borne illness. In this report, the lifestyle of one of UAE family will be demonstrated in order to know the knowledge, attitude and practice toward these three aspects. This family consists of father, mother, two children and a maid. First of all, Smoking is one of the leading causes of great number of serious diseases. Paterfamilias who I have interviewed is a regular smoker. He started smoking when he was 19-year old. Multiple factors encouraged him to start smoking such as curiosity and peer pressure. He thinks that quit smoking can be very difficult due to the addictive nature of nicotine. Smokers also depend on cigarettes to deal with anger, stress, anxiety and irritability (Saha, 2013). Both parents are aware of smoking side effects. They believe that smoking can lead to many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer and respiratory diseases...

... middle of paper ... immediately in order to prevent growth of bacteria in the food. Actually, bacteria can grow quickly when the temperature is above 5° (danger zone) (Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, 2010). Moreover, the maid cleans the refrigerator once a week. It is recommended that to clean the refrigerator once a week (Zelman, 2004). What is more, the maid stores raw meat on the top shelf of the refrigerator. By contrast, the raw meet must be placed on the lower shelf in order to avoid dropping onto other food.
To conclude, the previous three aspects of lifestyle work together as a detriment of health. The father has to stop smoking as soon as possible as it affects the whole family. The parents should make some changes at their home in order to provide a safe environment for their children. The mother and maid should gain new knowledge to prevent contaminating of food.

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