Smartphones And Social Media Are Drugs Essay

Smartphones And Social Media Are Drugs Essay

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Smartphones and social media are drugs to people. Call them phone addicts. Phone addicts are the ones that wake up in the morning and check their social media or they cannot simply live without their phones. In the New York Times, author Sherry Turkle compares how people’s communications changed from face-to-face talk to smartphone talk. People became too dependent using their smartphones and social media to communicate to the outside world. She also sees how this impacts the younger generation communication with others. Verbal communication became harder for people to do due to smartphones and social media. Health is becoming an issue to smartphones users. People started to have neck, fingers, and vision problems. Smartphones are cancerous to but people cannot put their phones down.
Smartphones and social media became a distraction to people. Every day, fewer people are not paying attention to their surrounds that can possibly affect their safety. For instance, surely they are people out there that do not look both ways before crossing the street because they are on their phones tweeting how boring class was. Hypothetically, he/she could probably get hit by a car. Someone could have prevented this accident if people were paying attention to their surroundings and if the communication was there. In The Washington Post, author Katherine Shaver stated that “A 2013 Ohio State University study found that the number of injuries treated in 100 emergency rooms nationwide related to pedestrians using cellphones…The study found people ages 16 to 25 were most likely to be hit while distracted. Abc News calls them “Petextrians.” In addition, designated driver also can be distracted with their smart phones. Commercials like AT&T, have warned...

... middle of paper ... you mentally lazy.” People in their thirties or forties always tell the younger generation “back in my days we didn’t have the internet we had books” everyone is taking advantage of using the smartphone to do research rather than going to the library and look for what they are looking for.
People complain that they get distracted too easily, but its themselves that chose to be distracted with their smartphones. With people being distracted with their smartphones. It transitions to people verbally communicating less because a smartphone can do it all. However, it affects the true bonding with one another with friends, kids, and families. Consequently, being on a smartphone 24/7 affects health and vision. People can end up hunch backed or they will have to use glasses for the rest of their lives. It is the people’s chose to what path to take with their smartphones.

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