Smartphones : A Social Problem Essay

Smartphones : A Social Problem Essay

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Smartphones have become virtually vital in people’s lives. However, the growing number of people addicting to it is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate. Thus, it leads to smartphone addiction, so-called nomophobia, which has become a social problem among not only teenagers but also adults. According to the 2015 Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, 71% of mobile consumers say they sleep next to their smartphones and 35% of them say that the first thing they do in morning is to check their notifications (Huffman, 2015). Based on personal observation, smartphones does occupy a large amount of time among college students. Every day, students spend time texting, calling, and emailing, taking photos to serve personal and school’s purposes. Besides that, smartphones also provide opportunities for individual entertainment since students are able to gain more access to social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The current issue here can be described when the majority keeps looking at their phones all the time; while eating, getting in line and listening to lecture in class. The lack of face-to-face communication occurs and it seems like people are completely enjoying their virtual world and ignoring present reality. The type of behavior of smartphone addiction is considered a social problem. Before approaching this social problem in the society, imagine what life would have become without smartphones. There will be no virtual interaction, information is difficult to access, and all transaction would have to be done in person. Thus, people will work more productively, focus on having a real, quality conversation with other people, and enjoy what happening around them; however, they will perform the tasks at hand slower, have...

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...of connection and disruption are evident throughout the society. Instead of sending letters back in the 1950’s, smartphones are convenient to keep people stays in touch with families and friends at home through texting, calling and emailing (Westenberg, 2015). While, a recent study of University of Derby suggested that smartphone can cause obsession, “encourage narcissistic tendencies and should come with a health warning” to children (Hunt, 2015). Therefore, as technology enables individuals to share information rapidly from one group to another via social media and electronic devices, the spread of social activities or world cultures can have a large impact (both in negative and positive ways) on people’s lives. As long as individuals use smartphones properly, it will act as a tool to advance communication and boost efficiency to the jobs instead of causing harm.

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