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Technology has given us the ability to leave our house and take our phone and our phone number with us. We are no longer talking to family and friends on a corded telephone and teens are no longer held up in their rooms having telephone conversations with their friends. Heck, most of them do not even have verbal communication; instead, they use the text message to talk to one and other. The range of our cordless phones no longer provides a restriction for our phone conversations. With the advent of the new smartphones on the market, we do not even have to sit at our desktop to enjoy the World Wide Web. Every generation goes through their own technologically challenging times, it is just that technology is advancing quicker than ever before, but are our laws as well as those of the world keeping pace. This article review examines how two smartphone giants are duking it out in court.

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Article Review 2: Nokia Seeks Dismissal of Apple's Antitrust Claims (Update 2)
Nokia Corp. vs. Apple Inc. 09-cv-791, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware (Wilmington)
Helsinki based Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phone asked a U.S. judge to dismiss the charges levied by Apple Inc., claiming that Nokia was trying to monopolize the wireless technology market and seize access to iPhone technology. On March 11, 2010, the Finnish company filed papers in Wilmington, Delaware's federal court, claiming that Apple's antitrust and breach of contract allegations are implausible and are "designed to divert attention away from free-riding off of Nokia's intellectual property." (Decker, 2010)
Apple's Actions
This legal battle actually started by in October of...

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...ould rage on until the next great toy makes its way onto the market. Does Apple or Nokia have any responsibilities towards the wireless carriers that supply the very network that these devices rely on? However, will the court's rulings have any effect on those very same wireless carriers? These questions are not answered in this article, but questions nonetheless that this article provokes. Only time will tell how this will eventually play out in the courts, but one thing is for sure, the smartphone consumer will ultimately pay the price for this squabble between giants.

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Decker, S. (2010, March 12). Nokia seeks dismissal of Apple's antitrust claims (update 2).
Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Retrieved from

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