Essay Smarter Than You Can Think By Clive Thompson

Essay Smarter Than You Can Think By Clive Thompson

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Technology - a help or a hindrance to self-expression / creative thought?
In his book “Smarter Than You Can Think”, Clive Thompson analyzes changes that occur with human thinking and perception as a result of technological development, and explains why there are more positive effects than negative. According to Thomson, Internet creates an incredibly large number of texts. Every day people write 154 billion e-mails, more than 500 million tweets and more than a million blog posts (and 1.3 million comments) only on WordPress. On Facebook people post near sixteen billion words a day. And that is just in the United States: in China there are approximately 100 million updates a day just on Sina Weibo, the most popular micro blogging platform, and millions more updates in the social networks in the world. Text messages are laconic, but it is the most common format for writing: we send twelve billion messages per day. Thus the author assess is it a big number or not. He claims that people write at least 3.6 trillion words a day, and it is given only to email and social networks. This is similar to 36 million books. For comparison, the Library of Congress contains about 35 million books (Thompson 57).
However, what is the quality of these texts? Definitely the majority of online publications will be less attractive in comparison with the works of the greatest writers. And this is not surprising. How a science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon once said, 90% of everything is garbage, and this formulation is called “Sturgeon’s law”. Anyone who has spent time with a great number of books, articles, TV shows and movies knows that the “Sturgeon’s law” works well even for cultural content, the content which is edited and supervised. So the glob...

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...they are ready to be born, it occurs in such a way. It is because people who create certain ideas do not work in isolation. The thing is that human thoughts are closely connected with the environment that surrounds them: from the conversations that are conducted in educated circles, the information that we share, tools and technologies that we use.
In conclusion, it is necessary to say that technologies is a great help to self-expression and they definitely bring more positive effects that negative. Nowadays people have something that works as a connector of genius ideas, but for ordinary people: the Internet encourages people to think and solve problems in public multiple inventions in a larger scale and with much greater speed. It is the most powerful mechanism of association of minds. Unsuccessful communities kill ideas, but successful communities stimulate them.

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