Smart Phones : The Zombification Of Society Essays

Smart Phones : The Zombification Of Society Essays

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Smart Phones: The Zombification of Society
Individuals’ use of smart phones creates a generational discussion of the effects of smart phones. People use smart phones on a daily basis as a method of checking their email, updating their Facebook status, or tweeting their most recent activity. Artist Steve Cutts paints an image that argues that society struggles with an addiction to smart phones devices distract users. The image creates an argument through the display of men and women walking while looking down at their phones.

The image goes further than merely showing the men and women looking at their phone; the image argues that smart phones consume and control humanity. However, the image does not take into consideration the positive aspects of having a smart phone, such as improving long distance relationships, aiding those with social anxiety, and increasing humanity’s appreciation of beauty.
The image argues that smart phones harmfully distract users through the complete captivation of human thought. In the image, the individuals’ focus is downward at their phones and they pay no attention toward each other. In their article "The Effects of Cell Phone Conversations on the Attention and Memory of Bystanders," Veronica Galván, Vessal Rosa, and Matthew Golley further the argument that smart phones distract humanity. According to Galván, Rosa, and Golley, “Participants rated the cell phone conversation as more distracting and were more likely to remember content from the conversation, even though they were working on another task and were unaware that the conversation was part of the study” (9). Galván, Rosa, and Golley’s research suggests that smart phones are the largest distraction in individuals’ daily lives. Even when an ...

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...ul to not allow them to be a distraction. If users are able to balance the use of their mobile devices and keep mobile phones from distracting them while studying or in conversation, then mobile device users can reap the benefits of having a smart phone. Researchers and society should study solutions to texting and driving. Although smart phones make communication for those with anxiety significantly easier, society should consider the effects that immediate access to social media has on the individuals’ self-esteem. Scholars should also research the correlation between smart phone use and people’s ability to communicate. Further research will allow society to more accurately assess the control that technology has on society. The research available suggests that individuals must avoid excessively using their smart phones in order to avoid becoming the walking dead.

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