Smart Phones Make Dumb People Essay

Smart Phones Make Dumb People Essay

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Smart phones make dumb people

Every day of our lives, we watch as technology advances in leaps and bounds, so it was only logical when the cell phone came into existence, it would also be necessary to develop ways for a phone to be more than just a phone. With the explosion of the internet age people needed a way to bring their computers on the go, one that could fit in the palm of their hand. Whether it be checking emails, updating social networks or even playing games, smartphones seem to do it all. There is, however, a dark side to every technological advance that is made, to everything that makes our lives more convenient. Smartphones are not only an enormous distraction in our lives but are also known to cause health problems in those that use them and even have negative effects on society as a whole.
The first and most obvious problem with smartphones is how much of a gigantic distraction they are. They are a distraction to not only the owners of the smartphone, but to everyone around them as well. In the classroom in particular, they are counterproductive to the learning process fostered in the classroom. Sarwar and Soomro (2013) stated that in the classroom setting smartphones can enable students to text, check emails, play games and even watch TV during class preventing them from participating and potentially stop others from doing so as well. It is also referenced that smartphones can be used to cheat during exams due to being able to access information online through one 's phone. The distraction smartphones cause outside the classroom is just as dire. Smartphones distract people while they walk down the street and even worse while they drive. Hecht (2013) states that the problem is that truly safe driving demands t...

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...ed from reality and starting down at those tiny glowing screens.
To sum it all up there is a dark and seemingly unseen side of the groundbreaking technology people hold in their hands when they use a smartphone. On these pieces of state of the art technology are numerous apps, time consuming games, and more ways to communicate with everyone around us than we could ever need. It would be wise to remember that they are just distractions that steal our attention away from what is meaningful in life, can cause serious physical and mental health issues for their users and are even slowly destroying the way society interacts. Are technological advances in communication really so important if it negatively affects the other aspects of our lives? So put down the phone every so often and just go out and appreciate life fully and away from that small screen in your pocket.

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