Smart Phones Have Revolutionized The World Essays

Smart Phones Have Revolutionized The World Essays

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Smart phones have revolutionized the world its users populate. Over the last decade, companies have constructed a compact, portable unit to include three of modern society’s foremost daily necessities: communication, computer technology and entertainment. Smart phones enable a user to remain in continuous contact with the outside world through the use of a handheld cellular device to call or text other individuals. Users are able to use a cellular phone as a computer to check emails, conduct business, find directions and use computer-like software to create documents on-the-go. Additionally, consumers can entertain themselves by engaging in various social media accounts, surf the World Wide Web, play games and stream visual media such as movies and television. Society has gained unbelievable advantages over citizens of previous centuries due to advanced smart phone technology and the areas most affected are the business sector, social life, and overall entertainment.

The evolution of the cellular phone has changed drastically over the last several decades. Modern day customers are used to the sleek, pocket-thin, touch screen models of the iPhone or Galaxy phones; however, people often forget the very first smart phone: the BellSouth and IBM Simon Phone. “The phone itself measured 8 inches long by 2.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick, and weighed two ounces north of a pound” (Aamoth, 2014). This revolutionary phone came with features that seemed outrageously impossible for a handheld device to possess: address book, calculator, calendar, fax, filer, notepad, sketchpad, clock and a to-do list (Aamoth, 2014). At the time, these features were thought to be impossible for a handheld device to possess, but as the world has witnes...

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...ology. There have been numerous methods of virtual contact that have created simplistic communication between individuals residing in separate areas on the globe. Text messaging and instant messaging have become a one of the primary means of indirect communication between individuals, due to its ease of access, leisured response time, relaxed flow of conversation, and ability to document important conversations. Social networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube have all become engraved in the foundation of smartphones as a primary means of communication between people. Posting thoughts, facts, quotes, opinions, videos and pictures have become second-nature to individuals in today’s technology-oriented society. With that said, there are endless benefits smartphones have on people’s social life.

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