Smart Phones And Social Media Essay

Smart Phones And Social Media Essay

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Smart Phone Usage in Healthcare

Nowadays, people use smart phones in everyday life. Smart phone is a device that combines a cell phone with a hand held computer that contains internet access, data storage, and email capability (Dictionary). Healthcare workers use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat in their personal life. HIPAA plays a big role in health care. HIPAA regulations “require health care providers and organizations as well as their business associates, develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentially and security of protected health information when it is transferred, received, handled or shared” (California Department of Health Care Services). There are scenarios that violate the HIPAA rule that can possibly get healthcare workers into certain circumstances. There are many advantages and disadvantages of smart phone/social media in work force settings.
Advantage of Smart Phones
Smart phones can become an advantage at work force setting. Smart phone could come handy when family emergency occurs. Having a phone at work is very beneficial when family emergency happens, it could be your child’s school calling you to let you know your child is sick or it could be something more severe such as letting you know your spouse got into an accident. One other advantage of using smart phones at work is this new software voalte. Voalte “combines voice calls, alarm, and alert integration and secure text messaging for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad” (Carr, 2014). Voalte enables hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte provide hospitals with good communication system. They are trying to improve communication at the point of care improving pati...

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...ithout the celebrity (patient) permission. Since she can’t find her smart phone no more it could mean that it got to the wrong hands. The hospital will face lawsuit because of the patient’s embarrassment. The nurse will soon lose her job, lose her license, be fined, and sent to jail for this violation.

To conclude, smart phones in work force had advantages and disadvantages. Healthcare workers need to be careful with what they deal with each day. They need to always make sure to follow the HIPAA rules and understand the patient situation. With awareness and cautions employees should be able to avoid disclosure confidential or private information about patients. By having good training for healthcare workers hospitals can provide a safe practice environment for both patients and health care workers.

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