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Smart phone Tax Application Essay example

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Mobile phone applications have come to the rescue of the technology world offering global solutions to the corporate world in business and individual entities in a number of ways. Specifically, smart phone applications are currently developed to meet the market goals of simplifying and speeding up the way in which transactions are made. The technical growth has been promoted by enabling mobile platform that calls for developers to design applications meant to assist businesses and individuals. One such app is the tax filing application.
This paper therefore seeks to identify strengths and weaknesses of smart phone tax application and its equivalence in the market specifically (Thomson Reuters).

Thesis Statement
Tax filing process is the new technology that is faced with major challenges and now is embraced in smart phone platform to simplify and ease the amount of time and resources involved.
Many organizations feel that tax benefits are incredible if incorporated in their businesses, but majority do not take the advantage of emerging technologies to cut down on costs. However, to record good amount in yearly taxes, organizations may be forced to employ simple techniques that boost use of resources and effect rate of revenue utilization. In the vast technology world, firms and companies invest heavily on network and internet based facilities helping them work efficiently and effectively while reducing costs involved. They ignore money and time spent on tedious process of reporting on taxes.
In the network marketing industry, businesses can create great income by cashing in on tax benefits available to them. An application like Deductr makes it possible, easy and simple for any business entity to get tax br...

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... and the vast population is not represented in the phone industry. An investment in developing the other forms therefore will come to the rescue of the mimic in the technology market while boosting variety of services offered by Thomson Reuters.

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